Performing ARtists

Do you want to make a living doing what you love--dancing, singing, or acting?

I want to help you.

Having worked with well over 200+ dancers in the city for Dancers of New York, one of the things I enjoy the most about working with performing artists is seeing them being successful in the industry. It makes me so happy whenever a dancer makes his or her Broadway debut, gets signed by an agency, or makes a national television appearance. Just ask my wife about the time she got a call from Rockettes or when she found out about performing on Tony Awards. Through all the ups and downs my wife and I have had living in New York City, I understand how tough this industry is, and as a fellow artist, nothing makes me happier than seeing people being able to do what they love to do. 

Whether you're pursuing your dreams of working on Broadway or ready to step your career up to another level, I want to help you get to where you want to be by creating material that presents you at your best. 


Headshots are about presenting yourself as a professional. It's not about trying to fit into every role possible. You have to be prepared for the right opportunities so that when they come to you, you'll be the best person for them. 

2. Build Social MEDIA PRESENCE

Some of us hate it, but all of us know it: you can use social media to your advantage. I think it can be a helpful tool that allows you to continue to do what you love to do. For performing artists, it's about  It's about sending a consistent message to your audience. You should do it because you love it not because you want to go viral. I want to help you build a brand without using cheap tricks like buying followers (please please please don't do this). 

I want to help you find the right 

If you're a killer dancer, I can deliver awesome dance images that 


Are you a killer dancer or a singer? You should have something you can show to people. 



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